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Hi, I’m Sacha, I’ve lived in South East London for over twenty years. I recently moved to Beckenham with my son who’s a keen sportsman playing football for Bromley FC.

I started Hugs and Kitties in 2019 and have met some wonderful pets and pet owners as the business has grown.

Animals have always played a big part in my life since I was very young. I grew up in North Yorkshire, horse riding, dog walking, and looking after many stray cats that I believed found me! Animals were my passion.

I was immersed in another world watching ‘The Wind in The Willows’, had my heart broken reading ‘Old Yeller’ and was taken on adventures watching ‘Lassie’, ‘The Adventures of Black Beauty’ and ‘Champion The Wonder Horse’!

I’ve always believed strongly in animal welfare and have taken in many abandoned cats and dogs over the years both in the U.K. and abroad.